What Our Client Speaks

Gocoweb has used the services and expertise of Axfer for a number of projects over the last year,

Steve John
Director Gocoweb.com

London Investments Consultancy Ltd. commissioned Axfer to brand our company. Their work was excellent

Giby George
London Investments Consultancy



Frequently Asked Questions
Where is Axfer Technologies Located?
Axfer Technologies has a global presence, with our development teams located in our offices across the world, AXFER’s headquarters (managing office) is located in Hull England, with our other technical development teams located in India, the USA and China. Our satellite offices are in Canada, Germany, Kuwait and Ireland. Finally we have a worldwide network of freelance high end software specialists who work with us on those projects requiring a very specific approach or if bespoke software is needed.
Will Axfer deliver my project on time and on budget?
A number of our current and past clients have been kind enough to leave us some very nice comments and testimonials. We have copied a few here for you to see. Our business model is built on 1. Solid development, 2. Excellent customer care and 3. Value for money. These three seeds are the elements which have enabled us to grow to the company we are today and which will continue to fuel that growth for the years ahead.
What are the Axfer principles?
Axfer has over the years developed a strict operational protocol. Each part of your project will be subjected to these fixed processes and tests. This process enables you the client to have instant and easy access to your project’s development site at all times so you can track progress almost in real time and it provides a fixed framework for our development teams to follow, this helps us avoid the issue of errors and mistakes, saving time and therefore money for you our client.
What payment options are available at Axfer?
To ensure we are able to offer the very best pricing models for your project and to also help us reduce/avoid the myriad of customs and sales tax issues, the AXFER main accounting office is located in India and if you wish to benefit from these savings we suggest you make all payments via our accounts department. comparing.
Can I monitor my projects progress?
The simple answer is yes, once we have started the software coding side of your project we post a “Project access page” online for you to log into and see what progress is being made. (Please note some areas of this portal may be closed to you during software development on these specific areas.)
New Clients simply log into our development portal, using their project name and user name and password. Once in you can see the project as it develops and if required make comments and suggest changes.
When will my project be ready?
Every commission is different and each one has a number of elements that can affect the production timeline. At the start of each project we will provide a Project development schedule, here we will attempt to set a completion date and we will diligently work towards that completion date. Sadly any number of issues can change the schedule, with last minute charges to the project being the major reason for delays. AXFER will keep you updated on construction progress and we will also discuss the affect of any new project changes and what delay if any is likely to be incurred. Once we have completed the works, you will be asked to give a final approval for the project and then the project can go live.

Why Axfer?

Develop and execute the right IT strategies.

The old cliches about “our team” being skilled, experienced and with a high level of expertise are often used by our competitors. Here at AXFER we take all that as standard...

Our Perfect Process

You can trust us to deliver.

One of the best things about Axfer Technologies is that we have a very simple and perfect system for our customers and employees and we strictly follow the same...

Our Team

Our Team

The team of Axfer brings the concept of 'Unity in Diversity' a reality for its team consist people of different nations, age, sex, color, creed, religion and so on...