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Gocoweb has used the services and expertise of Axfer for a number of projects over the last year,

Steve John
Director Gocoweb.com

London Investments Consultancy Ltd. commissioned Axfer to brand our company. Their work was excellent

Giby George
London Investments Consultancy


In today’s world, the quantity and diversity of threats to IT structures are growing day-to-day, so is the quantity of security products and services to handle them. Companies that conduct monetary businesses by electronic means are predominantly susceptible to threats such as scam or breaches of secrecy bring about loss of assets and harm to their repute. For these firms, data and transactions need to be sheltered by means suitable to their worth and their potential for substantial harm
Axfer Technologies Testing Services takes care of various mission-critical information security situations met by our enterprise clients all over the world. Our method is to help you build build-in security from the very beginning. Operational with you all through the different phases of your IT business transformation cycle, we assist with the premature identification of security threats through code analyses, network level valuation and organization level valuation. 
For already prevailing systems, Axfer Technologies can make available autonomous technical design and implementation analyses, followed by a thorough testing cycle to confirm the system is secure when active.
Per Module: $5 to $10
Requirement Testing: $10 per requirement
We will test the requirements met by the product comparing to the requirements provided by the client and suggest solutions to meet the difficult requirements.
Quality Checking: $40 to $100
We check the quality of a website or software. This includes checking the quality of content and design while suggesting solutions to increase quality.
Security Testing: $50
We check the security of your website or software by attempting to break its security using the most recent methods.  We suggest solutions for all detected security issues.

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The old cliches about “our team” being skilled, experienced and with a high level of expertise are often used by our competitors. Here at AXFER we take all that as standard...

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Our Team

The team of Axfer brings the concept of 'Unity in Diversity' a reality for its team consist people of different nations, age, sex, color, creed, religion and so on...